JC Herz

JC Herz is a former rock critic and tech writer for Rolling Stone and Wired and wrote the first game design column for The New York Times. She started doing CrossFit in a gym where white-collar professionals and new moms hit WODs with active-duty military and members of the presidential Secret Service detail. While at The New York Times, she wrote about computer games as technology, design, and popular culture and helped formulate the critical language around this then-emerging medium. Herz’s company, Joystick Nation, is a hub for projects that translate the most compelling aspects of computer game design – immersion, social interaction, and play – into online and offline media and research. Joystick Nation’s clients include global corporations and nonprofit institutions alike. Herz served on the National Research Council’s committee on creativity and information technology and managed technology projects for DARPA. Her favorite video game, after all these years, is Atari Missile Command.